What Grants are Available for Landlords in Nottingham?

Published: 22nd June 2011
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One of the great things about owning property which you to rent out or intend to do so, is that there are various government grants to help you improve the property.

Currently, Nottingham City Council is keen to encourage all property owners to move towards making their houses and business more environmentally friendly. To that end there are various grants available to upgrade your property. This covers not only landlords who rent out properties for people to live in, but also those who own and rent out properties to businesses.

Energy Efficient Improvement Grant and Loan Scheme

This scheme covers home and property improvements such as installing double glazing, loft and cavity wall insulation along with upgrading or installing gas, oil or lpg central heating systems.

The council is keen to ensure that all heating issues in the city and surrounding areas are as efficient and environmentally friendly as possible. Along with the correct insulation and glazing, they are encouraging as many people as possible to fit high-efficiency condensing boilers which are both cheaper to run and kinder to the environment.

Types of Grants Available
Depending on your circumstances, the council offers a number of different options. Regarding housing insulation issues, the first option which may be available to you is a 100% grant. This covers the full cost of the work being carried out. Whether or not you will receive this depends on your personal circumstances and sometimes, instead of awarding a grant that covers the full cost, they will award a partial grant, which covers some or most of the installation cost.

These grants can be awarded to both landlords and tenants, so it might be wise for landlords to pursue both options to find out which would best suit your personal circumstances. Loft insulation lasts around 15 years, so if your property has not been re-insulated in that time it is likely to need topping up, for which grants are also available.

It is now possible to find loft and roof insulating materials which are produced from green and renewable sources. In some properties, especially those which are older, it may also be necessary to provide under-floor insulation, as well as loft insulation. This is most likely in houses which have a basement below, and gaps between the floorboards let draughts from below into the house.

Some grants are made in the form of low cost loans. These can include loans for insulation, heating, double glazing and lighting. Of course, these need to be paid back but will be at a far lower cost than a loan from a more regular source, such as a bank or building society.

If you qualify for one of the council grants or low cost loan deals, then the work must be carried out by a council certified contractor.

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