The Best Wedding Shower

Published: 10th February 2012
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A wedding or bridal shower is a gift giving party held for the bride to be in anticipation of her upcoming wedding. They originated in the 1890s and are more common in the USA. Most things the yanks do tend to catch on here in the UK eventually and this is one of those things.

The idea of honouring the Bride to be before the big day is a great one but if you have never been to one where do you start. Below is a step to step guide of everything you need to have the best wedding shower.

Step 1 - Who to invite

First up is to decide who is invited. Not every women invited to the wedding should be invited to the shower. It is just close family and friends should be invited.

Step 2 – When and where.

Typically the shower is about one or two months before the actual wedding. The location of a wedding shower is typically at someone house. If its summer time a nice garden party would be ideal.

Step 3 – Invitations

If you’re savvy on a pc you can create these invitations yourself. You could include photographs of the Bride to be and chose your own words. If this seems like too much trouble and money is no object there are plenty of readymade invitations you can buy. Card shops will sell them and there are hundreds of wedding websites which you can surf through and order.

Step 4 – Food

Every party would be complete without some food or appetizers. This is entirely up to you and your budget. A typical buffet will do the trick but make sure the food isn’t to heavy as all the ladies will be keen to look their best on your wedding day.

Step 4 – Games

Games are optional but can be fun. You could go for a quiz where questions about the Bride & Groom are asked. Where did they meet? What are their nicknames? Questions like these typical in a baby shower quiz. You could put the guests into two teams to compete against each other or just have every one up against themselves. It would be nice if the winner won something so buying some gifts would be good here. Or you could go for a game of bridal bingo or bridal scrabble. Use your imagination here and think of something that you think will go down well with everyone.

Step 5 – Wedding favors

Wedding favorsare small gifts given as a gesture of appreciation or gratitude to guests of your wedding shower. The sky is the limit here as you can buy your guests whatever you like. Cost will probably pay a part in what you chose but the options are endless.

Once you have all of the above arranged you can sit back and wait for the big day. It is traditional for the Groom to appear in the last 20 minutes of the wedding shower to say hello and thank the ladies for coming, but this is entirely up to you. If you are still struggling with parts of the arrangements, check online as there are hundreds of website with advice and ideas which could help. It is your wedding shower so you can do anything you want really. Just make sure everything you are doing will make YOU happy and not those invited. It’s your wedding shower and should be exactly how YOU want it.

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