French Crockery: Styles And Designs

Published: 18th March 2010
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French crockery, like French provincial furniture has a unique look and feel. The designs in crockery will add to the charm of your home decor or dinner table. The pieces are colorful and attractive. They are excellent as side dishes or as full sets for a casual dinner place setting. There are some pieces that are for decorative purposes only.

French style crockery often that warm colors that make you think of a rural French meadow in full bloom. Pale greens, sunny yellows and sky blues are common. There is often touches of lavender or pink to bring more pastels into the crockery palette. Color is perhaps the most distinctive aspect for the rural crockery style.

A full set of dinner ware can include all the usual plates and side dishes that you would expect.In addition to the color palette mentioned above, you may find added elements of whimsy in the design. Roosters, flowers and other decorative elements on a white or cream background is typical for the pieces you hold. If you want to mix and match, solid color stoneware makes a nice contrast to the colorful crockery in this style.

The crockery is sometimes hand painted and hand fired so each piece is totally unique. Other pieces are machine produced, but no less attractive. In addition to standard place settings, you can find matching pieces that are wonderful for serving dishes. Some unusual shapes such as square or rectangular bowls can be used as serving bowls or as decorative touches in other locations.

Although not every piece is hand-painted, many pieces in this style crockery as a feel of hand-painting. There are scenes that could come out of a painting of a scene from nature. There are also solid color blocks edged by complementary or contrasting geometric designs. Those pieces that have more color use color as a background. Pastoral scenes tend to be on a white or off-white background.

Accent pieces in crockery can be many different items. The items might be useful, such as pitchers, pot holders or plant pots. Oversize serving bowls that have unusual shapes are a type of attractive presence that duplicates designs or lines in the place settings. Square bowls are an example. Scalloped round bowls are somewhat more common, but not when the bowls are decorated with natural colors and designs.

For a real change of pace in crockery, you can use some items that are not dinnerware for decorative purposes. Pottery items such as pheasants in soft natural colors or whimsical hens make interesting centerpieces for your dinner table. This type of centerpieces blends well with a rural atmosphere in the French dinnerware.

If you are interested in the look of French crockery, don't be afraid of making a statement in color. Use the blues, greens and yellows in your table linens to pick up the color of the place setting plates. The look will be more casual than some other types of crockery, but well worth it in unique and attractive dinnerware.

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