Creating French Country Style Home Deco

Published: 23rd March 2011
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French country style home deco is not difficult to achieve. However, there are a few things to know that can help you accomplish the right look. Here are some ideas and tips to help get you started.


For colors, you should think blues and yellows. Earth tones of green like grass green are good to use. If you utilize shades of red, bright is the word, and soft shades of gold will also work. Floral patterns are nice, and anything that brings in a touch of the countryside. You want to achieve the look of a manor in France.


Rustic is important for this type of old world decoration. Older things with a rusty patina will fit right in. This includes furniture and light fixtures. Antiques are very good and in most cases, there is no need for restoration. You want these things to look like they have lived a long life.


Go with a flooring that resembles old world living. Stone is very good, and some kinds of artificial stone may also work. Brick is an excellent material for floors. If you want wood floors, it might be old wood that looks like it has seen a lot of traffic over the years. Any type of flooring that gives an old world welcome and warmth should be considered. It is a nice touch to add rugs, and they might be from simple materials like cotton or wool.


The walls do not have to be fancy or perfect. They can have the look of time and the elements on them. Plastered walls that have a simple coat of paint on them will fit in fine. Do not go through the trouble of making the walls smooth or even. If fact, uneven walls are better for this look. Large wooden beams are also the perfect addition for your look. These beams can be from old and distressed looking timbers. There is no need to paint or finish them.


A fireplace will be the perfect touch to your decorating scheme. An old looking stone fireplace with a worn wooden beam for a mantle is a good look for this type of decorating. The hearth can be a simple brick or even clay, and do not forget fireplace pots made from copper. Any fireplace accessories can be from distressed looking iron.


If you want your house to feature French country style home deco, think old world warmth and charm. Earth colors and iron are good for this look. Distressed wooden beams and stone or brick flooring, should also be considered. Rustic is another way to describe this look.

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