Believe It or Not – Anti-Snoring Tools You Never Thought Would Work

Published: 16th May 2012
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Anti snore pillows? Mouth guards? Chin straps? Snoring ring? Throat sprays? And… wait, what is that? Snore ball?

To those who are hearing about these tools and contraptions for the first time, the thought of using them to stop snoring might come across as ludicrous. Surely, they couldn’t work! Why couldn’t you just get some medication to effectively put a stop to your snoring? However, it isn’t always wise to be taking medications because of potential side effects that would vary from person to person.

The best ways to combat snoring would always include lifestyle changes, such as getting plenty of exercises, keeping your weight down, having a healthy and balanced diet, and avoiding alcohol and cigarettes, among others. Notice how taking medications is not really the top suggestion from experts. Instead, they recommend various tools which, though they sound dubious at best, have been proven by others to be effective. Here are the tools and devices that are most often recommended to deal with snoring problems.

• Anti snoring pillow – Basically, snoring happens due to an obstruction or blockage on the airways during sleep. Thus, in order to prevent snoring, the airways should be kept clear so air could pass through freely. One’s sleeping position could be the key to freeing the air passages, and this is where the anti snoring pillow comes in. Designed to cradle the head and the neck in such a way that the airways are relaxed, it makes sure the person is in a proper sleeping position that will prevent him from snoring.
• Nasal dilators and nasal strips – When not enough air is flowing through the air passages, vibration occurs at the back of the throat, emitting that snoring sound. Nasal dilators and nasal strips are instrumental in keeping the air ducts wide open during sleep, letting through enough air. Nasal strips are often made of plastic and, while nasal dilators are also known to be made of plastic, most are still made of stainless steel coil.
• Snore ball – Again, this tool is focused on keeping the snorer in the correct sleeping position so he wouldn’t snore. It is placed on the lower back of the snorer, preferably inside his sleeping clothes. Essentially, it prevents him from sleeping on his back, a position that often causes obstruction in the airways, giving rise to snoring. It might be found to be inconvenient by most people, but it is very effective in making one change his sleeping position. This is one of the cheapest options since improvisation can be done, using golf balls or tennis balls instead of snore balls.
• Chin pillows and jaw supporters – Wrapped around the neck, chin pillows work by keeping the snorer’s chin raised, thereby letting him breathe easier. On the other hand, jaw supporters keep the jaw from moving during sleep. Putting the jaw in proper position will also put the tongue in the correct position
• The Snoring ring uses acupressure to help you stop snoring. You ware the ring on your little finger and it gently applies light pressure on not one, but two specific points on your finger. It is probably the most non invasive snoring device on the market and it has no side effects and there no drugs to take.

The above mentioned tools and devices are simply a few of the simple solutions that snorers can try using in order to reduce, and eventually stop, snoring. Not all would be guaranteed to work for you; however, there is no reason not to give them a try until you find which device would ultimately help you.

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