An educational school trip to SEA LIFE Birmingham

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Published: 07th November 2012
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SEA LIFE Birmingham is the perfect choice for all those students who want to upgrade their knowledge about the underwater sea life and motivate themselves to take up career in future life to explore the sea life. SEA LIFE Birmingham took the initiative to team up with various schools of Birmingham for supporting the learning of various subjects related to underwater sea life. This mode of education is included in the curriculum of the education system of the schools. The subjects which are covered by the SEA LIFE Birmingham include science, arts and geography. This fantastic opportunity is offered as a mode of cross curricular learning in a very inspiring and motivational environment.

About Educational Resource Packs at SEA LIFE Birmingham:

The resource pack which is designed by the team of SEA life consists of education about the unknown underwater land with houseful entertainment. The resources used in the pack are fresh, new and interactive, which acts as a beneficial source to educate the students about this interesting world.

While going through these resources the children can learn about the wild life under the sea, their features, nature of living, mode of adaptability, the food they live on , the reproduction system, the food chains they follow and various other aspects related to their life. The students can do the activities and projects included in the resource pack before, after or during the visit to the world of SEA LIFE.

The activity packs of SEA LIFE:

The activity packs are specially designed for the children in different age groups starting from six years to up to fourteen years. Student can enjoy well and learn lot of unknown things over here after visiting the place. The activities are bifurcated in following groups:

Activity pack from six to eight years of age
Activity pack from nine to eleven years of age
Activity pack from twelve to fourteen years of age

You can easily download the activity pack for all the three groups and take a view of it before distributing the same among the students. Each of them is really attractive and beneficial for education purpose of the students. The activity pack are so well designed by the creative and educational team of SEA LIFE that you cannot stop appreciating them being so innovative in the thought process for the betterment of life in coming future of the students.

The activity plan guidelines are also made available so that the activities can be easily explained to the students and the teachers. At the time of leaving SEA LIFE, all students were given a certificate from the center end for participating in the activities all day round.

The Feature of Teacher Preview Visits at SEA LIFE:

Before the different schools make a trip down to SEA LIFE, the team gives the opportunity to visit the place for maximum of two teachers from each school, in order to plan well for the visits to be made by different groups of students from the school.Affordable price for the educational school trip:

SEA LIFE charges affordable price per student basis. Aside to that request are also taken for group charges which make things really within the budget of the schools. Minimal numbers of teachers are also allowed free of charge to take care of the student and for the smooth functioning of the activities. Each school should grab this opportunity given by SEA LIFE and educate the students about the unknown world.

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