A General History Of The Conveyor Belt

Published: 08th February 2011
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The first conveyor belt was said to have been created back in the 1900s. At that time workers who were working long hours carrying extremely large and heavy items invented the very first of its kind. These incredibly helpful tools usually are created with two or more pulley like objects that work in conjunction with a piece of material that is looped over top of it giving it the ability to pull the item along.

The very first of its kind was created was just a piece of wooden board and a piece of material. Often these were made of a canvas like material, rubber, or even leather and though they at first were not powered, they still made an extraordinary difference. It was not until the Second World War, that the creators of these incredibly helpful machines began making them with more synthetic materials because of the fact that the more natural products were becoming much more difficult to acquire.

With a fast growth in technology over the years so has grown the need to increase production to keep up with customer demand and therefore improvements where a necessity. Conveyor belts offer businesses the opportunity to quickly move items big and small from one place to another. These amazing products allow companies to choose the size and length that they need to accomplish their tasks.

As with most of our technology these belts have improved over the years. Now with the ability to move even large heavy items very quickly, as well as a massive number of items at the same time allowing job to get done much quicker than if the person were having to do the lifting and carrying. This also minimizes the chance of the employee facing an injury related to lifting.

Though there is the occasion when you may see a system that is not powered. This is generally not the case. It is more often than not these days you will find these systems working in conjunction with a computer-controlled program that allows them to work automatically without necessarily having to be closely supervised by a person which in turn allows the business to focus on other aspects of the job saving not only time but money as well.

These days there are a number of conveyor belts available in a variety of sizes, shapes and ability to hold certain weight levels. Generally speaking, the most popular belts available is the flat version however, there are also trough, rotating, mining as well as magnetic ones available. Each product is created to withstand the item in which it is moving.

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