5 Types of Conveyors For Mining

Published: 26th March 2012
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Material handling system or better known as conveyor system is a crucial tool in collective mining. Having an unproductive and bungling conveyor can compromise your productivity, and this is exactly the reason why you should do your homework properly to find out which system will work and suits best for mining your needs.

Conveyor equipments come in variety of types and designs, and each has its particular purpose where it can function at its best. For aggregate mining, the most basic and important type you need is a simple and straight-forward conveyor that can move sand and gravel, crush and slag stone. For this purpose, not every type of conveyor may help you, as some systems canít just accommodate the kind of material you put in it. Here are five types of material handling system you can choose from for your collective mining needs.

Dog Leg Conveyors
This type of conveyor is arguably the most convenient type available, as they can be easily adjusted at the leg, which is primarily the reason why itís called the Ďdog leg.í You can adjust its legs to different angles, making it more flexible for any surface and save you some precious time in configuring, as itís relatively easy to set-up. There are also different models for dog leg conveyors, and they come in various sizes. This tool is considered as a customary piece of equipment in the mining field.

Truss stackable conveyors
Also known as Stacking conveyors, this type of material handling equipment also transport stuff quite easily, and the best part of it is that they can be carried in one load as they can be easily and neatly stack on top of each other. All you need is a flat-bed truck to transport this conveyor from one site to another, making it very handy for multiple site mining and quarry operations. They also come in various sizes and lengths too, and its truss frame is usually reinforced, inclosing all crucial components excluding the drive. This type of conveyor also come with different features, such as support legs and folding ends.

Stackable Transfer Conveyors
Much like the truss stackable type, stackable transfer type of conveyor is made for on the road aggregate mining. They are portable, easy to stack on top of each other and fit nicely on truck beds. The only difference between the two types is that, this type doesnít include reinforced truss frames. Of course, the purpose of this type is to hold materials high and keep outstanding level of productivity, thus it simply requires minimum movement. After-all, setting up heavy equipments like this can be very time-consuming. Stackable transfers are also in variety of sizes to best fit the needs of any mining operation.

Dribble Conveyors
Dribble conveyors are non-portable conveyors, thus it has its own perks and drawbacks. This type of mining equipment comes in trays which flows and moves materials. Its most basic purpose is for bagging, packaging and sorting. Perfect for less mobile operations as it can significantly speed up the productivity.

Channel Conveyors
The function of this type is to move materials in short distances. Its design may not be suited for high level portability, but they can significantly speed up the process of moving materials in the mining site. This is one of the most affordable and helpful conveyor systems for mining available in the market today.

Electromagnetic feeders
Ideal for bulk handling of all sorts of material, coarse or fine. They are very reliable and offer excelleing accuracy and control. Maintenance is minimum as they don't use cams, belts or anything that needs to be greased. They are powered by the forces of opposing magnetic forces.

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